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Testkube allows you to automate the executions of your existing testing tools inside your Kubernetes cluster. Learn how to get started with some of the top testing tools in the industry.


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Community Spotlight

Mar 22, 2023
10:00 am PT

Trace-based testing in Kubernetes

Join the Testkube and Tracetest team to learn how to run trace-based testing in Kubernetes!

Trace-based testing allows us to use distributed traces from our existing observability platforms to build full end-to-end and integration tests - but how exactly do they work, and how can we bring this into our existing testing system?

Join the Testkube and Tracetest teams to learn about the ins-and-outs of trace-based testing and how to leverage this practice by incorporating it with your existing testing tools in Kubernetes - by using Testkube's new Tracetest Executor.

Presented by:
Kubeshop CTO Ole Lensmar
Alejandra Thomas
Developer Advocate
Product Manager Bruno
Adnan Rahic
Sr. Developer Advocate
Product Manager Bruno
Jorge Padilla
Software Engineer
Product Manager Bruno

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