KubePug & Testkube Integration

A Helpful Kubernetes Plugin for the Community

  • Plugin based services
  • Offered directly within Kubernetes

What Does KubePug Do?

Kubepug is an open-source tool designed to help users assess the health and performance of their Kubernetes clusters. It works by running a series of checks to identify potential issues, such as misconfigurations, outdated components, and potential security vulnerabilities. It also provides users with insights into the overall health of their infrastructure and recommendations for improving their cluster performance.

How does Testkube make KubePug Better?

Give Kubernete’s favorite plugin a web-based dashboard for testing with the Testkube & KubePug plugin. Allow your performance based application testing to happen natively in the cloud then get relayed back to an end point. Go to Testkube’s web based user interface, type in your endpoint, then anyone can quickly see how the test executed. This can then be automated to allow for faster testing pipelines.

Between the automation of pipelines and the ability to test clusters nativily, Testkube gives KubePug a little more functionality than just kubectl. Help make your applications production environments ready for Kubernetes, fully automated testing, and much more to come. Look into some of Kubeshop's other software tools to help with Kubernetes resource managment to take your deployments even further.