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Introducing Parallel Test Orchestration & AI-Generated Insights

Sep 14, 2023
3 mins
We’re excited to announce two new features in Testkube Cloud: parallel test orchestration & AI-generated test insights.
Introducing Parallel Test Orchestration & AI-Generated Insights
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Today, we’re excited to announce two new features in Testkube Cloud: parallel test orchestration & AI-generated test insights. Parallel testing is the first feature in our Advanced Test Orchestration suite available to Cloud users, with more capabilities coming soon!

What is Parallel Testing? 

Parallel testing is a testing methodology that involves running multiple tests simultaneously as opposed to in series. A recommended best practice for Kubernetes applications, running multiple concurrent tests across environments saves time and is more resource efficient than traditional testing methods. Because parallel testing reduces overall testing time, it also enables faster bug detection and more efficient feedback loops for development teams. 

Parallel Test Orchestration with Testkube 

Previously users could run tests simultaneously using Testkube. With this release, users are now able to orchestrate a dynamic flow of many concurrent tests via the Testkube UI.

Watch how we can create a test suite and orchestrate multiple tests in parallel in this 2-minute video, or follow the tutorial on our website

In this demo, we show how to run latency and load tests via k6 in parallel using the Testkube UI. By running the tests in parallel, you can see how the development team is able to get to test results and therefore take action faster than if the tests were run in sequence. Testkube makes this easy with a drag-and-drop UI. 

If your traditional testing methods are slowing down your team's feedback loops, try doing parallel test orchestration using Testkube today! Need help getting started? Contact us to schedule a demo or join our Discord

AI-Generated Insights

When testing software applications, artificial intelligence is useful for pattern recognition, anomaly detection, and predictive analysis. By using AI, we can identify vulnerabilities faster and more easily than with traditional testing practices. 

Today, we’re excited to announce AI-generated insights as part of Testkube Cloud. With the help of AI, Testkube now provides insights and suggestions around your failed tests. Just got to the AI insights tab for more info on the possible reasons for failure as well as troubleshooting suggestions. Testkube now generates AI insights for any type of test - meaning you don’t need to rely on your existing tooling suite to integrate AI into their own platforms, you can just get access to these insights through Testkube Cloud. 

To learn more about how AI insights are generated and to get started using them yourself, check out the following resources: 

Get Started with Testkube Today 

To try these new features, sign in to your Testkube Cloud account or sign up today! You can find the resources you need to get started in our documentation, or you can always contact us to schedule a demo. Happy testing!