Get Started with Testkube

Self-Hosted Open Source

  • Run any Test inside your Kubernetes Cluster.
  • Centralized Test Orchestration.
  • Visualize all your testing activities in a single dashboard.
  • Fetch and store all test artifacts.
  • GitOps friendly approach to Testing.
  • Compatible with all CI/CD frameworks.
  • Asynchronous Testing via Testriggers and scheduling.
  • FREE and Open Source.
  • Community support via Discord.


All the features in Open Source, plus:
  • Zero Maintenance
    Avoid risks and costs of maintaining your own infrastructure for testing.
  • User Management
    Chose who from your team will have access to which testing environments and which permissions.
  • All your Environments in one Place
    Have a centralized view of the state of all your environments.
  • Secure your testing environments by using Testkube’s authentication mechanisms to connect and run any test.
  • Technical Support.
Bruno Lopes
Product Manager, Testkube
Book a meeting with Testkube’s Product Manager, Bruno Lopes to help you get started.