Need help on how to use Testkube?
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How do I setup my CI/CD pipeline to trigger tests?

There's different ways to integrate Testkube with your CI/CD pipeline. You can directly use the command-line interface, or if you use GitHub, you can create GitHub actions.

Does Testkube have customer support?

Yes - to contact our team for support, we have a few channels available. You can reach us via our Discord server by simply posting your issues on #testkube-general or #testkube-bugs. You can also create an issue on GitHub or through our free White Glove service.

Can I run any test with Testkube?

Yes, and if we're not currently supporting a testing framework you need, you can create your custom executor and configure it to run any type of tests that you want.

How do I install Testkube?

To install Testkube, you'll need to install Testkube CLI (which is currently available on MacOS, Linux, and Windows) and install Testkube's API in your cluster using Helm. You can read more about how to install and get Testkube up and running by following the instructions in our Installation Guide.

How do I expose Testkube to the Internet?

To expose Testkube to the Internet, you will need to create ingresses both for Testkube's API and Testkube's dashboard. You can follow the example ingresses created for our Testkube Demo on GitHub.