Leverage K8s for Testing

GitOps Friendly

Since Testkube manages key artifacts (tests, testsuites, etc) as CRDs, it works nicely with a GitOps approach to managing your cluster state. Tools like ArgoCD and Flux can ensure the right tests are deployed to your cluster, while also running Testkube tests to validate the state of your cluster after reconciliation.

Create a Platform for Testing

Testkube helps you build a platform for testing that enables teams in your organization to easily create tests without dependencies with other teams, getting better observability on the state of testing and improve debugging of failed tests.

Consistent Test Results

Testkube runs any testing tool your are currently using. Now you can have a centralized place where all the tools are reporting logs and artifacts. Goodbye to test results that are spread across multiple places.

Start either in the Cloud or Self-host


Managed Testkube with everything in Open Source + multi-cluster support, environments, and user roles.

Open Source

Try the self-managed version and start your journey of testing Kubernetes applications effortlessly.

Run Tests Inside your Cluster

Run your tests securely

With Testkube, all your tests are run directly inside your cluster as a Kubernetes Job. This means that you don’t need to expose your micro-services or give your CI servers (or testers) access to your cluster just for testing purposes. Run your tests in an air-gapped fashion and save yourself from supply chain attacks.

Cluster-related Triggers

As Testkube is installed inside your Kubernetes cluster, it can listen to cluster events (for example, a Deployment object has been updated) and trigger tests based on that. Say hello to running tests whenever and however you need!

Watch our guide on using Testkube Test Triggers

Break Free from Testing Constraints

Run Tests Whenever and However you want

Testkube enables you to run tests in multiple ways for maximum flexibility using either:

Testkube Dashboard

Testkube CLI

Triggering on Kubernetes Cluster Events

From any CI/CD Pipeline

Through the Testkube REST API

On Cron Jobs

... and more!

Integrate with existing tools and pipelines

Thanks to Testkubes REST API and support for CDEvents it is easily integrated into any CI/CD pipelines already deployed in your organisation, making sure that testing is performed at every step of your application lifecycle.