Eliminate scripting test executions.

  • Define a test execution consisting of a tool, test repository, and any arguments/parameters.
  • Run any testing tools out of the box with Testkube-supplied executors.
  • Build your own custom container executor.
  • Combine similar or dissimilar tests into suites.
  • Create a searchable repository of ready-to-run test executions.


Select from multiple trigger types.

  • Use proactive triggers to start test executions from CI/CD events, manually or on a schedule.
  • Listen for Kubernetes infrastructue events, such as deployments, to automatically trigger test executions.


Scale load test from 1 to 1,000s of instances of your favorite load testing tool. Parallelize functional tests.

  • Leverage Kubernetes native scalability to scale the number of concurrent test executions.
  • Access advanced scaling capabilities to scale load tests from one to 1,000s.
  • Parallelize to scale functional tests to speed completion.


Quickly and efficiently find the root cause of a failed test.

  • Access logs and artifacts created by executing test tools in a centralized repository.
  • Quickly find errors with log highlighting of failure-related keywords.


View a single pane of glass for all test results. 

  • Gain insight into 100% of the tests triggered from a single pane of glass.
  • Understand the longest-running tests with the highest execution frequency using the efficiency quadrant analyzer.
  • Use time series analysis of test success rates to improve confidence in build quality.
  • Create a test-based status page of your services to share internally or externally with your stakeholders.
  • Configure Slack alerts,  integrate with Grafana or other external tools using webhooks.