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Testkube Cloud: Kubernetes Testing Meets the Cloud

Apr 12, 2023
3 min
Time for testers to break free of their CI/CD limitations: Testkube Cloud is out of Beta!
Testkube Cloud: Kubernetes Testing Meets the Cloud
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Testing today is complex, and it gets even more complicated in the cloud - especially when most testing tools aren’t built with Kubernetes in mind. By adopting Kubernetes, Testkube takes advantage of the opportunity for testing and DevOps teams to reimagine testing done right.

What is Testkube? Testkube is a test execution and orchestration framework for Kubernetes that works with any CI/CD system and testing tool you need, empowering teams to deliver on the promise of agile, efficient, and comprehensive testing programs by leveraging all the capabilities of K8s to eliminate CI/CD bottlenecks, perfecting your testing workflow.

Testkube decouples test orchestration from your CI/CD pipelines by triggering Testkube’s testing orchestration and execution engine from within the CI/CD workflow. Since Testkube is within K8s:

  • Testkube can use Kubernetes CRDs to manage and store tests, enabling you to validate your applications by executing tests from inside your cluster.
  • Testkube can leverage native scalability mechanisms to scale tests eliminating CI/CD bottlenecks.
  • Testkube can easily deploy the Testkube Results Framework (TRF), so test reporting is standardized. We accomplish this all through an easy to use GUI, API or CLI interface.

Today, we are announcing general availability for Testkube Cloud, built on top of the trusted Testkube Open Source project.
With Testkube Cloud, you get a more powerful and friendly experience to get started testing right away, with a centralized control panel and results dashboard for all of your testing infrastructure. More importantly, you get Enterprise Grade User Management, RBAC, environment management, and more:

User Management and Authentication

You are now in full control of who has access to your testing infrastructure. With Testkube Cloud, you can add and remove people from your Testkube organization with just a few clicks. With Role Based Access Control (RBAC), you can choose which people from your organization have access to which Kubernetes environments and define their level of access.

Centralized Results and Artifact Storage

Testkube Cloud comes with a centralized panel for all of your tests, results, and output test files as artifacts. With all of these stored in the cloud, you and your team have easy access with just a few clicks or CLI commands, with no need for you to provision or manage your own results storage in your existing infrastructure.

Multi-Environment Support

With Testkube Cloud, all your environments live in one place, providing you a centralized dashboard for managing all your different test clusters and their results.
Adding new environments is easily done through the UI, helping you ensure the correct testing processes are in place as your applications and their infrastructure evolves.


Give it a go!

Testkube Cloud is designed to meet the needs of Developers, Testers, DevOps, SREs or any professional who works with Kubernetes environments and wants to test their applications.

It's the perfect solution for teams who need to streamline their testing processes and improve the quality of their applications.

To learn more about Testkube Cloud and how it can help streamline your testing processes in Kubernetes environments, visit our website at https://testkube.io