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Testkube Joins CD Foundation

May 12, 2023
4 mins
Announcing Testkube's Sponsorship of the CD Foundation, Enhancing CD Ecosystem and Advancing CDEvents Project!
Testkube Joins CD Foundation
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Get Started with Testkube Cloud

We at Testkube are excited to announce that we have officially joined the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF). This partnership enables us to actively contribute to the continuous delivery ecosystem and help advance the CDEvents project by streamlining the integration and management of our Kubernetes testing services.

Testkube is a test orchestration framework for Kubernetes. It runs tests inside of Kubernetes and uses Kubernetes itself to manage, store and scale the tests. Testkube enables Platform teams to create a testing platform for their organization, and it gives testers and developers an easy way to create and maintain their tests.

“Continuous Deployment pipelines are moving to the heart and center of how organizations and teams are deploying cloud native applications today,” said Ole Lensmar, CTO of Kubeshop. "Providing an interoperability layer based on CDEvents in the space is key to facilitating the transition across tools in the space and we at Testkube are excited to join the CDF to help evolve both the CDEvents spec and its implementations.”

How Testkube is contributing to the CD Foundation

  1. Sharing Cloud-native Testing Expertise: Our experience in developing comprehensive cloud-native testing solutions for containerized and microservices applications will strengthen the continuous delivery ecosystem and enhance the CDEvents project's capabilities.
  2. Integration and Collaboration: Testkube's platform is designed for seamless integration with CI/CD pipelines and the CDEvents project. We look forward to collaborating with the CDF community to improve the interoperability of our solution with other CI/CD tools and drive innovation within the ecosystem.
  3. Standarizing Test Execution with the CDEvents Project: Our commitment to end-to-end testing and open-source development will play a crucial role in advancing the CDEvents project. We aim to ensure reliable event-driven workflows in continuous delivery by sharing our expertise and collaborating with other projects to standarize the ways we can run tests (regardless of the tool) in a unified way.


As we join the Continuous Delivery Foundation, we are eager to make valuable contributions to the continuous delivery ecosystem and the CDEvents project. Through this collaboration, we hope to advance the state of the art in continuous delivery, empowering teams to build and deliver software with confidence, speed, and reliability.