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Testkube Monthly Newsletter: April 2023

Apr 11, 2023
3 min
Testkube is headed to KubeCon Europe, Tracetest integration, and more on what we'll be up to this April!
Testkube Monthly Newsletter: April 2023
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Table of Contents

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Get Started with Testkube Cloud

Happy KubeCon month! We're excited to geek out with you on all-things testing next week at KubeCon EU in Amsterdam.Find us in booth SU60 this April 18 - 21st and bring a Testkubie home with you! If you’re attending in person or virtually, come by and say hi. We’d be delighted to share with you how we can help you simplify the testing pipelines for your teams and apps in Kubernetes, answer any questions you might have, and give you cool swag!Want to reach out beforehand? Join our Discord to start the conversation with our team.

What's new for Testkube:

  • Testkube v1.10 is out! This release comes with support for Playwright Tests, Test Creation improvements, better Error Reporting, and more! Read our release notes here.
  • Creating tests from our dashboard is now easier than ever. We decided to simplify the test creation process by providing an overall better experience with features like Documentation links, Tooltips, Placeholders, and more. Try them out yourself in our demo.
  • Our new documentation site is live! We completely revamped our documentation site to give our new and existing users a much better experience. You can find new Guides, more specific Executor pages, and plenty of resources to get you ramped up and testing with Testkube in no time. Check it out in docs.testkube.io


  • To overcome cloud challenges, organizations are adopting a testing strategy that incorporates automation and integrates testing into the development process. Read our overview of the testing trends that are revolutionizing the cloud-native space this 2023 in our New Stack article.
  • Testing in CI/CD pipelines is challenging for Kubernetes environments due to lack of native support for popular testing tools. In our latest blog, we talk about solutions for testing your microservices effectively. Read it here.
  • Learn to streamline your Kubernetes testing by setting up Slack notifications for your tests. Read our blog or watch our video tutorial.

Community and Events

Last month, we hosted a workshop with Testkube's upcoming integration: Tracetest, an open-source trace-based testing tool based on OpenTelemetry that allows you to leverage trace data to write e2e and integration tests, and improve assertion capabilities.By using the Testkube Tracetest Executor you can unlock Testkube's capacity in conjunction with Tracetest, and leverage the work you have already done to instrument your services.Catch the replay here to understand what this means, its advantages, and how you can start incorporating trace-based testing into your development cycle.

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What's next? This month, we’ll be attending KubeCon Europe + CloudNativeCon. Stop by to meet our team: Product Leader, Bruno, and Developer Advocate, Abdallah!

Coming Next

  • ZAP is coming to Testkube! If you're interested in keeping your Kubernetes apps safe from security threats, Testkube is bringing up the ability to natively perform ZED attack proxy scans from within your cluster.
  • Testkube Cloud is almost here! After our closed beta release, we've been working hard on improving our Cloud features for you. For a sneak peek, you can still try out it out for free by visiting cloud.testkube.io


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