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Testkube v1.12 Release Notes

Jun 13, 2023
3 min
Testkube v1.12 is live! This release comes with big improvements to our developer experience, support for ZAP tests, CDEvents, a faster UI, and more! 
Testkube v1.12 Release Notes
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Table of Contents

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Testkube v1.12 is live! This release comes with big improvements to our developer experience, support for ZAP tests, CDEvents, a faster UI, and more! 

New here? Testkube is a test execution and orchestration framework for Kubernetes that works with any CI/CD system and testing tool you need, empowering teams to deliver on the promise of agile, efficient, and comprehensive testing programs by leveraging all the capabilities of K8s to eliminate CI/CD bottlenecks, perfecting your testing workflow.

See it in action! Watch our team's presentation on the new features in this release in our latest 1.12 release demo:

Read on to find more about what this new release brings: 

Improved Developer Experience

Trigger Context

When using Test Triggers for asynchronous testing, it’s easy to lose track of what’s happening on your system. 

With added trigger context, you can now see which event is the one that exactly triggered your tests to run.

Git Source Validation

Starting with this release, you'll be able to see the current setup for the Git source on your tests.

Faster User Interface

Our UI underwent massive improvements to be faster and have a better performance for you. Some of these improvements include:

  • Telemetry improvements: Avoid sending unnecessary data
  • Git repository validation:  Verify repository, tokens, etc. during test source update
  • Show the running context: Know whether your test was triggered by a certain event, scheduled, manually executed, etc.
  • Improved UI performance
  • Aborting multiple tests/test-suites at once
  • Fixed setting Git token for Test Sources via UI
  • Enabled IPv6 in UI's nginx
  • Updated docs links
  • Various bug fixes

Perform Security Testing in Kubernetes with ZAP

Testkube supports Zed Attack Proxy tests, making security testing in Kubernetes a breeze.

From now on, you can run three types of ZAP tests with Testkube: baseline, full and API scans. Depending on which of these functionalities you want to leverage, the test creation looks slightly different, so make sure to check out our documentation for a walkthrough on how to use this executor.

CDEvents Support

Testkube is now part of the CDFoundation! Because of this, Testkube now supports CDEvents, which allow you to trigger tests based on various scenarios like deploying or building from within your pipeline - making it easy to integrate with other tools in your stack that are also listening to these events.


Give it a go!

Why not check it out yourself? Try Testkube at https://cloud.testkube.io

If you have any questions you can join our Discord community or, if you have any ideas for other useful features, you can create the feature requests at our Github Issues page.