The easiest way to run

your favorite testing tool
in Kubernetes

The Kubernetes Native Test Orchestration and Execution Framework

How it's done

Test Execution and Orchestration Framework for Kubernetes

Runs any Testing Tool (imaginable) and integrates with any CI/CD

Testkube runs natively

and leverages all the capabilities of K8s to eliminate CI/CD bottlenecks making your testing workflow more efficient.

testkube CRDs example

Testkube Executor’s Framework

allows you to run any testing tool or language natively in Kubernetes.

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Testkube works through a GUI, CLI or API interface.

Available as Open Source or Commercial cloud versions.

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testkube CRDs example


Testing Made Faster

Simple network access and configuration for your testing tools by running your tests inside the cluster

Leverage native scalability of K8s to reduce CI/CD bottlenecks.

What used to take 2 hours now takes 2 minutes

Testing Made Easier

Store and retrieve test artifacts generated by your testing tools

Get a common place for reporting test results across all your testing tools

Run tests using multiple versions of your testing tools

Testing Made Modern

Integrated testing with GitOps and event-driven workflows

Create tests from our official Test Executor list or bring your own testing tool

Vendor neutrality to CI/CD vendors and testing tools

Take your debugging to the next level with AI generated insights on failing tests

Start either in the Cloud or Self-host


Managed Testkube with everything in Open Source + multi-cluster support, environments, and user roles.

Open Source

Try the self-managed version and start your journey of testing Kubernetes applications effortlessly.

We are really excited about testkube. We barely scratched the surface with it and so far it's looking extremely promising. I can't wait to try it out on a larger scale.

Kubeshop CTO Ole Lensmar

I want to see this project succeed because it is a much needed field to be honest.

Kubeshop CTO Ole Lensmar

Perfect! When i have the repo i will write here, thank you very much for the support! I really like this project!

Kubeshop CTO Ole Lensmar

Awesome work, I can confirm that the exact same script and POST command work now where they didn't before. Thank you, that was super quick.

Kubeshop CTO Ole Lensmar
Aiden Price

Shout out to the Testkube folks! First off, they try to solve an important problem: how to e2e test applications running in a cluster the Cloud-Native way. But also, their GitHub README is BS-free! It explains the Whys and Hows concisely and hell-concretely!

Kubeshop CTO Ole Lensmar
Ivan Velicho

Testkube saved us about 4 months of development time by automating our tests in our staging clusters.

Kubeshop CTO Ole Lensmar
Ili Shmidt
User Meeting
Sep 27, 2023

Stockholm Cloud Native Community Group

Generator Hostel, Stockholm

We're thrilled to announce the return of the Stockholm Cloud Native Community Group Meetup on September 27th at Generator. Join us for an evening of informative discussions and networking opportunities. Doors open at 5:15 PM, and the first presentation starts at 5:30 PM.

Ole Lensmar will discuss:
How to make your K8s-native testing workflow more efficient and alleviate bottlenecks in your CI/CD testing pipeline
How to streamline your Kubernetes deployment workflows through policy enforcement

Presented by:
Kubeshop CTO Ole Lensmar
Ole Lensmar
Product Manager Bruno
Product Manager Bruno
Product Manager Bruno

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