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Testkube Monthly Newsletter: January 2023

Jan 6, 2023
3 min
Testkube Cloud Beta is live, v1.8 release, and community events!
Testkube Monthly Newsletter: January 2023
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Table of Contents

Want to learn more about this topic? Check out our Office Hours sessions!

Happy New Year!

With new years come new beginnings, and at Testkube it's no different: we officially launched Testkube Cloud in its Beta release - which means it's open for everyone, entirely for free!

☁️ Testkube Cloud is built on top of our Open Source project we know and love - with added capabilities such as user management, new authentication mechanisms, and environment management.

Read all about it in our release article - and don't forget to give it a try at https://cloud.testkube.io

P.S. For our Beta release, we're also offering free onboarding and technical support!


What's new for Testkube:

  • Testkube is now live on its 1.8 version, bringing important new features like Test Container Artifacts, S3 support, more Slack customization options, and so much more. Read all about it here, or watch the live demo by Testkube's team on YouTube.
  • We're all about user feedback, which is why most of the features included in our latest release were suggested by you. We're always looking for your input and ways to improve, so don't hesitate to reach out via our Discord server.


Continuous OpenAPI Security Tests on K8s with Testkube and ZAP thumbnail

Community and Events

We 💜 our Testkube community! Last month, we had one of our top contributors, Mario-Leander Reimer, speak at DevSecCon about Continuous OpenAPI Security Tests on K8s with Testkube and ZAP.

Catch their talk here.


Office Hours are back this month! We'll be covering Testkube's integration with different testing tools such as Cypress and k6 - make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified every Wednesday.

We'll be hosting Office Hours twice a month, Wednesdays, at 15:00 UTC

In case you missed it


Testkube Cloud

For our Beta release, everyone has entirely free access to all the Cloud features on top of the ones you know and love from our Open Source offering:

☁️ Zero Maintenace

☁️ User Management and Role-Based Access Control

☁️ All Your Environments in One Place

☁️ Github and API Key token authentication

☁️ Premium Tech Support

Read all about the new Testkube Cloud features and sign-up for free on cloud.testkube.io

Want to be an early adopter? Reach out to us and be part of the advisory board that takes Testkube Cloud to the next level!


Want to stay in touch or have any questions? We are always looking for feedback.

Join our Discord server and chat with the Testkube team. We're excited to hear from you.


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