Testkube Monthly Newsletter: November 2023

Nov 30, 2023
3 min
Alejandra Thomas
Developer Advocate
November is coming to an end - and boy, was it a busy month! We're quite excited to update you on all things Testkube.
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Table of Contents

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Testkube Monthly Newsletter

'Tis the season for better Kubernetes testing! πŸ‘€β„οΈ

November is coming to an end - and boy, was it a busy month! We're quite excited to update you on all things Testkube:

What's new for Testkube?

πŸš€ Testkube 1.16 is here - a small but mighty release:

We keep working on bringing you and your team the best user experience possible. Testkube 1.16 was all about improving performance and overall fixes such as:

  • CI/CD Workflow - You can now use the Testkube plugin as an ArgoCD sidecar and we've added owner references to cron jobs for scheduled tests, so you can sync them in Argo!
  • Artifact Management - We've added the option to download artifacts when running Test Suites from the Testkube CLI using download-artifacts
  • Pre-Built Executor Fixes - Environment variables have been expanded in the argument list for all pre-built executors and we also added cURL utility

Ready to give these a try? Head over to - and don't forget to hit that testkube upgrade command!
You can find the complete release notes here.

Testkube Status Page

Building Test-Based Status Pages for your Product?

Testkube now lets you use your existing tests to monitor the status of your applications by creating an internal or public Status Page for monitoring - providing you and your users with real-time feedback and incident management. Have you set yours up?

Doing so is very simple:

  1. Set up your automated tests to monitor your applications using schedules and Test Triggers.
  2. Create your Status Page. Use our Dashboard to create services linked to your automated tests.
  3. Configure the privacy settings. This can be private or public, using an automatically generated or personalized URL.
  4. Go live!

Check out our example for our own Status Page for Testkube here - and head over to our documentation if you need more help getting yours up and running.

The challenges of testing in your CI/CD pipeline (and how to solve them)

Test automation in CI/CD shouldn't be hard!

Continuous integration and continuous deployment have become the gold standard in the field of software delivery and deployment, and while testing is one of the most critical parts of a CI/CD pipeline, it’s often one of the most challenging ones when it comes to implementation - but it doesn't have to be!

This is why we've gathered an extensive collection of resources and guides so you can get tackling the most common challenges of implementing test automation into your CI/CD pipeline:


Intro to CI/CD Testing


CI/CD Tooling


GitOps Testing

Community and Events

CleanShot 2023-11-30 at 13.49.01

🀝 Testkube was at KubeCon NA 2023 🀝

We attended KubeCon North America in Chicago earlier this month and had the opportunity to meet so many of you.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing valuable insights on your testing needs and experiences with Testkube!

If you'd like to keep the conversation going, schedule a demo, or are interested in sharing your use case with us and the Testkube community, please schedule a call with us.

Thank you for 1,000 GitHub stars!

Thank you for 1,000 GitHub Stars!

We surpassed 1,000 GitHub stars earlier this month - and we'd like to personally thank you for supporting our project and contributing to changing the way we do testing in Kubernetes!

We thrive on your feedback, so feel free to stop by our project at any time with requests or comments!

Testing Java Apps on Kubernetes with Testkube

Community Content

It's time to highlight our community-created content. Thanks for using Testkube and sharing your experience with the DevOps and Testing community!

πŸ’œ Get started with Testing Java Apps on Kubernetes with Testkube with this full-fledged tutorial written by Piotr Winkowski!

πŸ’œ Learn all about Continuous performance testing with K6 and Testkube from Alexander Chumakin.


We love having you stop by the office!‍

This month, we continued opening our virtual office doors to you for Testkube Office Hours. Here's a summary of our most recent Office Hours sessions:

We'll continue hosting these biweekly meetings with you, so make sure to visit for our upcoming events and topics!


πŸ’œ Got any Testkube or testing related questions? Visit our Knowledge Base to browse through multiple topics or join our Discord to make an entry!

Testkube 1.16 release notes

Testkube Library

Testkube_Newsletter_2closing banner

Want to stay in touch or have any questions? We're always looking for feedback and new opportunities to give away swag


Don't forget to give Testkube a try if you haven't, and check out our documentation for guides on how to ge started. Join our Slack community for guidance and support. Happy testing!

Alejandra Thomas
Developer Advocate
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