Testkube v1.11 Release Notes

Apr 14, 2023
3 min
Alejandra Thomas
Developer Advocate
Testkube v1.11 is live! This release comes with big updates to our UI, GitHub Actions, multi-namespace functionality, improved log performance, and more! 
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Table of Contents

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New here? Testkube is a test execution and orchestration framework for Kubernetes that works with any CI/CD system and testing tool you need, empowering teams to deliver on the promise of agile, efficient, and comprehensive testing programs by leveraging all the capabilities of K8s to eliminate CI/CD bottlenecks, perfecting your testing workflow.

Read on to find more about what this new release brings: 

UI Updates

Testkube Dashboard underwent a lot of bug fixes and performance improvements for this release, including the following:

Test Settings Screen

It’s now possible to specify your git commit right from Testkube’s Dashboard. When editing a test that has a Git repo as a source type, you’ll now be able to specify Commits instead of Branches from it.

Pre-run phase

The pre-run phase feature allows you to specify commands that will run before test execution. This will be useful to make some preparations before test execution, i.e. install some packages or get certificates from environment variables. Previously only available from the CLI, it’s now also available on the Testkube UI.

Test Scheduling

The ability to set up scheduled tests is a very important feature for automation and asynchronous testing. 

Starting this release, it’s now possible to do it right from your Testkube dashboard. For those who prefer using UI for settings, users can do it by selecting one of predefined CRON templates or specify a custom schedule for a Test or Test suite.

General Updates


As performance improvement measures, we moved all testing tool executors from standalone repos to the single Testkube one, located in the /contrib folder. This allows us, amongst other things, to:

  • Use the same standards for linting, unit and integration tests for all executors
  • Automatically update dependencies for all executors
  • Switch to the same versioning model for all executors
  • Make possible to reuse executor specific validation on api and cli level
  • Optimize ci/cd pipeline for all Testkube artifacts

Improvements to the JMeter Executor

Generate CRDs & Flux 

Teskube can now generate test CRDs from existing test files that are stored in single files (i.e., Artillery, cURL, JMeter, Postman, SoapUI).

These will detect the type of Test and create the following tests accordingly.

Multi Namespace

Our new multi namespace feature will help you deploy multiple Testkube instances in the same Kubernetes cluster. By running a few simple commands, you will be able to execute tests, create Test Suites, Triggers for them, and many more in any namespace you need. 

Check out our documentation for more details and installation steps. 

Folder Structure for Artifacts

The same folder structure allowed for JMeter

Testkube Github actions - Real Time Logs

Prior to this release, GitHub action set the output once the operation was complete - now, it's able to provide real time output in the console.

Artifacts - Time to Live: 

There is a way to configure the artifacts storage to have an expiration period of the artifacts so there is no need to increase the storage.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved test log performance for big logs
  • Fixed the Dashboard’s telemetry to gather data only after consent
  • Fixed the code quality tooling in CI/CD - Unit Tests & Lint 

Give it a go!

Why not check it out yourself? Testkube is Open-Source and we're always looking for feedback and contributions. Check us out at

If you have any questions you can join our Slack community or, if you have any ideas for other useful features, you can create the feature requests at our Github Issues page.

If you’d like more info, or just to come say ‘Hi’ – join our Slack and follow us on Twitter @Testkube_io. You can also email our Product Leader directly at We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Alejandra Thomas
Developer Advocate
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