Ginkgo & Testkube Integration

Software project management and comprehension tool

  • Designed for Go applications
  • Testing services can be done from an API

What Does Ginkgo Do?

Ginkgo is an open source software library that provides a wide array of algorithms and data structures to support many types of computations. Ginkgo provides powerful APIs for developers to quickly and easily build applications with advanced features, including parallel computing, distributed computing, and machine learning. Ginkgo is designed to be extensible, allowing users to easily add or customize features to fit their specific needs.

How does Testkube make Ginkgo Better?

Developers and testers that are familiar with the Go programming language should also be familiar with Ginkgo. If Ginkgo users want to take advantage of Kubernetes, Testkube is the best integration to make this a possibility. Testkube then also allows users to automate the tests that are being performed to make the tester and developers job easier. All performed tests will report to an endpoint that can be connected to  Testkube’s web based graphical user interface.