Playwright & Testkube Integration

A powerful testing tool that provides reliable end-to-end testing and cross browser testing for modern web applications.

  • End to End testing for web based applications
  • Integrates with multiple languages such as Python and Node.js

What Does Playwright Do?

Playwright testing is a cross-browser end-to-end testing framework for web applications. It allows developers to write automated tests for web applications that simulate real user interactions and can run on multiple browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge) with a single codebase. Playwright provides APIs for automating common actions, such as clicking buttons and filling out forms, as well as more complex interactions such as dragging and dropping elements. It also includes features for network interception and manipulation, and can capture screenshots and log network traffic. With Playwright, developers can ensure that their applications behave as expected across different browsers and platforms, improving the overall quality and reliability of the application.

How does Testkube make Playwright better?

Testkube enhances the experience of working with Playwright tests by integrating testing natively into Kubernetes. It automates testing tasks, making it easy for developers to run tests as part of their CI/CD pipeline. The user-friendly web dashboard provides a centralized location for viewing test results, and is accessible to even non-technical testers. The dashboard presents test results in a clear and concise manner, allowing for quick analysis and identification of any issues. With Testkube, testing becomes more streamlined and efficient, allowing teams to focus on delivering high-quality applications.