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Access Cached Test Results with Testkube Pro

Oct 12, 2023
2 min
Access your test results even when your clusters or agents go through interrupted availability. Testkube now caches test results!
Access Cached Test Results with Testkube Pro
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Get Started with Testkube Pro

In a typical CI/CD pipeline, developers rely on test automation to validate their code changes. However, the CI/CD pipeline operates in a dynamic environment. Kubernetes clusters may go offline, agents might become temporarily unavailable, or network issues can disrupt test execution. When these issues occur, test results can be lost or delayed, causing significant setbacks in the development process.

In order to ensure your test logs and results are still accessible whenever your clusters or agents go through interrupted availability - Testkube’s now caches test results, ensuring that you have access to these important pieces of data at all times. Here's how it works:

  1. Test Result Capture: When you initiate a test run in Testkube, we’ll handle the capture and caching of all logs and test results.
  1. Caching During Interruptions: In the event of temporary unavailability or interruptions (e.g., a cluster or agent going offline), you’ll still be able to access information about past executions under a Read-Only tag.

Benefits of Cached Test Results

  1. Uninterrupted access to your tests: Your test results are safeguarded against interruptions. You'll never have to re-run tests unnecessarily or worry about data loss due to cluster or agent unavailability.
  2. Faster feedback: As developers, testers, or SREs, you can now receive feedback faster since Testkube minimizes the time wasted in re-running tests and recapturing results.
  3. Streamlined development: This feature streamlines your development pipeline, ensuring that it's as smooth as possible, even in an unpredictable cloud environment.

Get started with uninterrupted Kubernetes testing

Say goodbye to the hassles of unavailability and data loss and embrace the future of testing in Kubernetes with Testkube. 

This new feature is available for all PRO users starting today. To get started, simply sign into Testkube to start your free Pro trial, sit back, and let us handle the rest. New to Testkube? You can access this feature in your 45-day free trial. 

You can find the resources you need to get started in our documentation, or you can always contact us to schedule a demo. Happy testing!