Improve your Testing Strategy with Data-Driven Insights

May 20, 2024
5 mins
Bruno Lopes
Product Leader
Testkube introduces Test Insights, empowering DevOps and QA with deep analytics for optimized testing strategies and improved application quality.
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Gaining insights into test execution has always been a challenge for engineering managers and the DevOps teams supporting them. For engineering management, it's crucial to ensure that the right tests are being run and that failure rates are decreasing over time to achieve successful releases.

For DevOps teams, identifying which tests run the slowest and most frequently is vital for optimizing infrastructure and parallelizing key tests. Unfortunately, traditional test reporting tools fall short in providing this information effectively. This results in incomplete test analytics and additional overhead for DevOps teams to manage the reporting process.

Testkube, the Test Orchestration Platform for Cloud Native Applications, addresses many of the shortcomings of classic test reporting tools and offers additional capabilities for both DevOps and engineering leadership.

As a comprehensive test orchestration platform, Testkube triggers, runs, and collects data on all tests, including custom testing scripts. This rich data collection ensures that 100% of tests are included in reports. For DevOps engineers, this eliminates the need to configure and manage a separate reporting tool. For engineering management, access to complete test reporting data boosts confidence in build quality.

At Testkube, we continually strive to enhance the effectiveness of your testing processes. Introducing Test Insights, a feature tailored to empower DevOps, testers, and QA managers with deep analytical capabilities. This new feature provides valuable insights into your tests, enabling data-driven decisions that optimize your testing strategies and improve the quality of your applications.

Understanding Test Insights

Test Insights is an analytics tool integrated into Testkube, that provides detailed metrics about the execution of your tests. This feature allows teams to track key performance indicators including the number of test executions, pass/fail rates, execution durations, and more, all within a user-friendly dashboard.

With Test Insights, DevOps and QA managers can quickly answer crucial questions that impact the testing cycle and overall software quality, such as:

  • Which tests take the longest to execute, and why?
  • Which tests have the highest failure rates?
  • How do test performance metrics vary by type of test or by the tools used?
  • How do key test execution metrics change over time?

Testing Strategy Optimization

Efficiency Quadrant Analysis: Utilize a quadrant chart to visualize tests by execution time and frequency. Tests that frequently run and take longer to execute appear in the top right quadrant, highlighting them as prime candidates for optimization to reduce testing bottlenecks,  improve cycle times and optimize infrastructure costs

Key Metrics and Groupings:

Execution Metrics: View the total number of test executions over a given period, along with their status outcomes (passed and failed), helping teams understand the impact of their applications evolution on quality and where they should focus their testing and bug-fixing efforts going forward.

Performance Analysis: Assess the execution duration of tests to identify which tests take the longest and may need optimization to reduce application delivery times and infrastructure costs

Test Categorization: Filter insights by test types (load, API, end-to-end) or by testing tools, enabling teams to pinpoint specific areas for improvement.

The Value of Test Insights

By integrating Test Insights into your testing workflow, your team can leverage several benefits:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Gain a clear overview of testing activities and outcomes, helping you manage and prioritize testing resources more effectively.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Make informed decisions about where to allocate efforts for improving test efficiency and reliability.
  • Improved Test Efficiency: Identify and address inefficiencies in your testing process, leading to faster development cycles and higher quality software releases.

Getting Started with Test Insights

Test Insights is available now for all Testkube users who run their Test Workflows. To start exploring the capabilities of Test Insights:

  1. Update your Testkube installation to the latest version to ensure access to this new feature.
  2. Navigate to the Test Insights dashboard within Testkube to begin analyzing your test execution data.

Give it a go!

Go to and sign up to play around with our demo of Test Insights! You can also join our upcoming webinar, "Improve your team's testing strategy with Test Insights," on May 30 at 10 am EST, where we'll dive deeper into leveraging analytics to optimize your testing processes. Register now on LinkedIn  or watch the recording later on YouTube.

If you have any questions or need assistance with integrating Test Insights into your Testkube experience, please reach out directly to me at or connect with us in our community Slack channel. We are excited to see how Test Insights will transform your approach to testing in Kubernetes environments

Bruno Lopes
Product Leader
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