The challenges of testing in your CI/CD pipeline

The challenges of testing in your CI/CD pipeline

Last updated
April 19, 2024
Bruno Lopes
Product Leader
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Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) have become integral components of modern software development processes. However, implementing effective testing strategies in a CI/CD pipeline is not without challenges.

Challenges of Running Tests in CI/CD

  1. Deciding when and where to run tests: In the traditional CI/CD pipeline, it can be challenging to determine the appropriate stage to run different types of tests, such as integration, end-to-end, and smoke tests. Moreover, compute-intensive tests like load tests may not need to be run every time the CI pipeline is triggered, adding further complexity to the decision-making process.
  2. Managing complex dependencies: The interdependencies between CI, CD, and cluster state can be difficult to manage. CI may still require access to the cluster to run integration tests, while ensuring the cluster has been fully reconciled before testing is crucial to prevent inconsistencies.
  3. Rerunning tests: Triggering the entire CI pipeline to rerun tests can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, resulting in inefficient use of resources and increased costs.
  4. Consolidating test results: As test results can be spread across multiple systems, consolidating and analyzing them can prove challenging, hindering the ability to make informed decisions based on test outcomes.

The solution: Cloud Native testing

To address these challenges, “cloud native testing” (as we call it) leverages the scalability, flexibility, and automation provided by Kubernetes to streamline the testing process in a CI/CD pipeline. Running tests in the “Cloud Native way” with tools like Testkube should would enabled your teams to solve problems like:

  1. Scaling your test execution: you might want to huge load tests, Cloud Native testing would enable the parallel execution of tests, significantly reducing the time required to run an entire test suite. This accelerates feedback loops and facilitates quicker identification and resolution of issues.
  2. Easy addition of new tests: the process of adding new tests to the pipeline is like pushing code, quick! Just like the DevOps approach, Cloud Native testing should enable testing teams to keep pace with evolving application requirements and maintain high-quality software.
  3. Out-of-the-box automation: Kubernetes, Terraform and the Cloud Native tools have already simplified vastly most of the automation. Adopting Cloud Native Testing provides built-in automation capabilities, making it easy to integrate with existing CI/CD pipelines and eliminating the need for extensive manual intervention.
  4. Enhanced test result management: Testkube consolidates test results from multiple sources, streamlining the analysis process and making it easier to identify trends and areas for improvement.
  5. Seamless Kubernetes integration: Testkube is specifically designed for Kubernetes applications, offering seamless integration and allowing development teams to capitalize on the full potential of their Kubernetes infrastructure.


Running tests in a CI/CD pipeline can be challenging, particularly in terms of deciding when and where to run tests, managing complex dependencies, rerunning tests, and consolidating test results. Cloud Native testing solutions offer an effective way to address these challenges, enabling development teams to leverage the scalability, flexibility, and automation provided by Kubernetes to optimize their testing processes and maintain high-quality software.

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