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Testkube 1.13 Release Notes

Aug 9, 2023
2 min
Trace-based testing with Tracetest, Microsoft Teams support, and dashboard improvements!
Testkube 1.13 Release Notes
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Table of Contents

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Get Started with Testkube Pro

Testkube v1.13 is live! Albeit short, this release greatly increases developer experience through our dashboard, introduces a new executor, and adds support for Microsoft Teams! 

New here? Testkube is a test execution and orchestration framework for Kubernetes that works with any CI/CD system and testing tool you need, empowering teams to deliver on the promise of agile, efficient, and comprehensive testing programs by leveraging all the capabilities of K8s to eliminate CI/CD bottlenecks, perfecting your testing workflow.

Read on to find more about what this new release brings: 

New Executor! Run Trace-Based Tests With Tracetest

You asked - so we delivered. Starting now, you can perform trace-based testing with Testkube using the new Tracetest executor to take full advantage of OpenTelemetry features.

We’ve written a thorough tutorial on top of our documentation - and you can hear right from the Tracetest team on how this implementation works.

Microsoft Teams Support

Monitoring the state and results of our tests can become a real headache as we scale and deploy our applications into Kubernetes. This new release adds yet another way to implement webhooks, this time adding  compatibility with Microsoft Teams for notifications on your test executions.

To read more about this, head over to our documentation.

Editable YAML on UI

Editing your test configuration is no longer strictly confined to your terminal. We’ve added the ability to edit your YAML and test definitions directly through Testkube’s UI.

Give it a go!

To try these new features, sign in to your Testkube Cloud account or sign up today! You can find the resources you need to get started in our documentation, or you can always contact us to schedule a demo. Happy testing!