Cypress & Testkube Integration

A complete end-to-end testing experience

  • Takes snapshots of tests that have been run and code
  • Automatically reloads implemented tests as changes are made
  • Debugging of the full test

What Does Cypress Do?

Cypress is a test-building platform that allows developers to implement tests within their code. It also helps with debugging the test itself, so you do not have to worry about why the test is not working when you try to run it. There are also added features that allow for time-related snapshots to be taken to give easy backups and reference of how tests were performing at a given time.

How does Testkube make Cypress Better?

Testkube allows Cypress to be deployed within your Kubernetes cluster natively. It also gives the ability to add a web-based dashboard that quickly shows how tests are performed. This allows for multiple stakeholders to see how the tests and software are performing. If you use Cypress already, adding Testkube could quickly add extras that you did not know you were missing.

Testkube works with Cypress to solve most end-to-end testing needs. If you need a tutorial showing how to implement this integration stack into your production environments check out our article "End-to-end testing of your K8s applications w/Cypress."

Manage and run end-to-end Cypress testing in Kubernetes and access Cypress recorded videos easily with Testkube! Follow the tutorial in blog post format here.

Testkube is Kubernetes-native testing framework for testers and developers. It acts as an executor so you can orchestrate, run, and display tests and test results for your code in a Kubernetes environment.

Whether you're new to the K8s ecosystem or a seasoned pro, Testkube lets you focus on testing without having to complicate yourself, your processes, or your pipelines.