Maven & Testkube Integration

Software project management and comprehension tool

  • Javascript native library
  • Other softwares built on top of Maven such as Gradle
  • Manage most build and reporting in the same place

What Does Maven Do?

Apache Maven is a free and open-source project management tool used primarily for Java projects. It provides developers with a comprehensive project structure, automatic dependency management, and standardized build and release processes. Maven uses a declarative approach, where the project structure and contents are described using a Project Object Model (POM), which is stored in a pom.xml file. This allows developers to easily manage the project's build, reporting, and documentation from a central place.

How does Testkube make Maven Better?

Finally a solution to take Apache Maven into your Kubernetes cluster natively. Allow for all of Maven’s control functions to be done directly in your cluster managed by Testkube. After this part of the integration is deployed, Testkube can allow for an endpoint to be viewed in a web based dashboard. This allows for both the developers and testers to have a graphical interface where they can view test success and failures.