Postman & Testkube Integration

Postman is an API platform for building and using APIs

  • Desktop application for testing API
  • Industry-leading endpoint testing tool

What Does Postman Do?

Postman has an extensive set of tools that let you create new request tests and deliver feedback. This could be a json token or http request, really they just deliver whatever package is coming from the API call. The tooling also then allows you to save the tests in a tab within the postman gui to repeat these tests at a later date.

On the desktop app, a user can control a postman console of tests and get the application's response. While there is a desktop version, testers can interact with postman through the command line as well. This also allows for integrations of their testing, allowing apps like Testkube to make their testing services even better.

How does Testkube make Postman better?

In simple terms, Testkube allows you to add postman tests cloud natively to a Kubernetes cluster and automate it as part of your ci cd pipeline. By nature, Testkube is designed to run within Kubernetes clusters and this gives it the advantage of being one of the only ways to bring postman tests into Kubernetes. This will save valuable time and resources so the tests do not need to be run on another machine or separate cloud instance. Then automate testing processes until all needs are met!