SoapUI & Testkube Integration

Accelerating API Quality Through Testing

  • Supports many different testing frameworks
  • Allows users to directly test APIs

What Does SoapUI Do?

SoapUI is an open source API testing tool used for functional and non-functional testing of SOAP and REST web services. It supports various testing methods like web services simulation, performance testing, security testing, and mocking. It provides a graphical interface for designing and executing complex tests, and is used by developers, testers, and even non-technical users to quickly and easily create test cases and validate web services.

How does Testkube make SoapUI Better?

SoapUI is great at testing, but not as much connecting cloud natively to anything running on Kubernetes. That is where Testkube comes in. Testkube allows you to keep any SoapUI tests that you may already have, but run them directly in the cluster, pod, or container. Our integration also allows you to connect to the test end point and see a web based view of all the tests.