Testkube Monthly Newsletter: February 2023

Feb 10, 2023
3 min
New executors, Testkube Cloud, v1.9 release, and more!
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Table of Contents

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January went by with a breeze! And we accomplished great things that we’re excited to share with you:

  • We launched Testkube Cloud in its Closed Beta release - which is built on top of our Open Source project with added capabilities such as user management, new authentication mechanisms, and environment management. You can read all about it in our release article - and give it a try at https://cloud.testkube.io
  • Our Community page is live! A place to find everything related to Contributions, Office Hours, Resources, and Community Content.
  • Testkube Office Hours are back - we opened our virtual office doors and brought great guests to talk about Performance Testing with JMeter and Load-Testing with k6 and Testkube. Make sure to check those out!


What's new for Testkube:

  • Testkube is now live on its 1.9 version, this release brought huge improvements to our log output and view in the UI, Test Trigger conditions, scraper job templates, and performance improvements that have made our dashboard way, way faster. Check out our release notes and watch the live demo by Testkube's team.
  • We have new integrations coming up! You asked for it, so we’re delivering. Coming next release, our list of integrations will welcome more testing tools like Playwright, ZAP, and Karate. If your favorite one is still missing, don’t hesitate to reach out or create a GitHub issue so we can work on it.


  • Adopt the GitOps development process when creating tests for your cloud-native application using Testkube and ArgoCD by following the tutorial Flux + Testkube written by our Developer Advocate, Abdallah.
  • Learn how to truly harness the power of Asynchronous Testing with Testkube’s Test Triggers. Don’t know how? Dejan, Senior Software Engineer at Testkube, tells us how in his article Asynchronous Testing in Kubernetes using Testkube.
  • Jessie Eteng, PMM at Smartbear, shows us how to leverage SoapUI tests in our Kubernetes infrastructure by using Testkube. Read it all in her article Testkube for your microservice woes.


Load Testing in Kubernetes with k6 and Testkube - webinar

Community and Events

Office Hours are back! We've been covering important features and updates with Testkube's team and outside guests. Last month, we were joined by our QA Lead, Tomasz Konieczny, and Leandro Melendez, DevRel at k6, to talk about our JMeter and k6 integrations!

This month, we’ll be talking about Asynchronous Testing and Test Triggers with one of our Senior Engineers, Dejan Pejčev - make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified.

We'll be hosting Office Hours twice a month, Wednesdays, at 15:00 UTC


Coming up for Testkube...

💜 New executors:

  • Playwright
  • ZAP
  • Karate

💜 New features:

  • Parallel Test Suite runs

💜 General improvements:

  • S3 integration
  • Test Triggers
  • User Interface

💜 User requests:

  • Improvements to Environment Variables


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