Testkube Monthly Newsletter: June 2023

Jun 23, 2023
2 min
Alejandra Thomas
Developer Advocate
New month, new Testkube release. We added a new executor and attended several events - here's what we did this June!
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Table of Contents

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Hi, there!

We're very excited to update you on all-things testing in Kubernetes that went down during the month of June. We have some exciting updates, a new release, new integrations, and several events that took place in the DevOps and Testing communities:

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Testkube 1.12 is live!

Earlier this month, we released Testkube 1.12.

This release comes with big improvements to our developer experience, support for ZAP tests, CDEvents, a faster UI, and more. We'll delve more into these shiny new features below.

Or, watch our most recent demo where we go over these and other features and don't forget to give them a try by visiting

What's new for Testkube?

Testkube v1.12 Release Notes

The latest version for Testkube went live this month. Here are some of the main features available now:

  • New integration! Now, Testkube supports Zed Attack Proxy tests, making security testing in Kubernetes a breeze
  • Improved Developer Experience
  • Trigger context is now available through Testkube's Dashboard, so you know exactly what triggered your tests
  • Git Source Validation to see the current setup for the Git source on your tests
  • Faster user interface through telemetry improvements, performance, link updates, and more
  • CDEvents support: As part of the CDFoundation, Testkube now supports CDEvents, which allow you to trigger tests based on various scenarios
  • Improved docs: We keep improving our documentation so you have a seamless onboarding experience with Testkube. This release includes new and updated guides and tutorials.

Read more about these features in detail in our latest release notes.

Testkube Knowledge Base

We launched Testkube's Community Knowledge Base earlier this month to concentrate the most frequently asked questions and common issues when navigating Testkube.

Check out some of our top entries this week:

Visit our Knowledge Base to browse through multiple topics or join our Discord to make an entry!

Community and Events

Why Kubernetes applications require a new approach to testing

Testkube is now a member of the CD Foundation! On top of adding support for CDEvents in our latest release, we also attended the Continuous Delivery Foundation Meetup last week - where we talked about the need for a shift in testing in Kubernetes.

You can catch the replay here.


Tomasz Konieczny, our lead QA, was also at the Global Testers Summit earlier this month, to talk about Everything as Code - test distribution with Kubernetes and Testkube. You can watch his presentation here.



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Want to stay in touch or have any questions? We're always looking for feedback and new opportunities to give away swag. 👀🎁


Don't forget to give Testkube a try if you haven't, and check out our documentation for guides on how to ge started. Happy testing!

Alejandra Thomas
Developer Advocate
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